June 29th, 2003


Hmm. A&E on Sunday afternoon.

Hey. The narrator in The Nazi Officer's Wife is Saskia Reeves - who played Jessica Atreides in the Dune miniseries, for those not in the know.

EDIT: Oh, no, wait - it's Susan Sarandon. I guess I was still confused/traumatised by the presence of Susan Sarandaon *in* Children of Dune, and by the fact that I didn't realise until the second hour of the movie that Alice Krige was supposed to be Jessica. Every time I see that commercial I still emmit a little bothered squeak every time Wensicia turns around and oh, good gods, it *is* Susan Sarandon. I mean, really - she just stunk up the screen something awful. I was strongly reminded of 1960's live-action Batman villains. Though Children of Dune did actually make me sympathise with Irulan. Go Irulan. I always knew Alia would end up a cold-hearted psycho-bitch. Hmph.
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