June 22nd, 2003


Got the book. Read the book. Argh.

I think I've edited this entry more than four times, by now.

Got up at seven this morning to go to Black Bond, bedecked with my new Gryffindor scarf which I made all by myself, where people were awestruck at those same scarves (though people were inching away nervously from mik100 in the line-up, wearing a Slytherin scarf as she was), and we expressed equal awe over their costumes, because everyone who showed up at eight o'clock in the morning to buy a book had certainly dressed up. Anyway. We read all day, and kept catching up with each other and passing one another in turns, but I beat mik100 by five minutes and five pages, around two AM, so hah. That's sixteen hours, people - read 'em and weep. :D However.

She's an awful, awful woman and don't believe anything she tells you.

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In general, regardless, though... I'm all contented and fangirly. I feel fic-urge, but I... will... resist... urk! No! No! You have ninety thousand other things to write!

(Would you believe that for the first three years of HP releases I avoided them with mild scornful disdain? ;)

In any case, if nothing else, and disregarding for the moment the quality of the books, I'm just totally blown away by the fact that there are millions of people feverishly reading right at this very moment, just because they want to. It's encouraging to imagine a growing trend in people actually wanting to *read*, whyever, whatever. It makes all giddy, and slightly less nasty towards the snotty waiter in IHOP who mocked us this morning for reading at the table. Nyah. :D
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I refreshed my Friends page and saw three identical, consecutive entries informing me that I was going to be assimilated by Australian ficcers. I fear. ;)
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But I... but I...

Last night, I just rambled about OotP, and this morning, I think, as I become more awake, I'm becoming more upset by it. I mean... I think... *walks away in a daze*

Yes, I'm still on about the damn t-shirts.

Things I want on shirts:

"Damn Caesar, and to the base of hell." In crazy, stylized black writing with black fire all over the place, on a red shirt.

"Dumbledore's Army" (new today. ;)

A screencap of Treebeard standing at the edge of Fangorn, Merry and Pippin on his shoulders, overlooking the field of hewn-down trees, with the words "A Wizard Should Know Better". I desperately want this, but I cannot for the life of me *find* this screencap, anywhere. It's driving me completely insane and I want it. Anyone know where to find said screencap?

The White Tree, on a green t-shirt. This I want with almost as much desperation as the previous one, but not quite so much.

"Normal is a word that boring people use to make themselves feel adequate." I saw this while shopping with Sassy in Toronto last August, but think I could probably make it. The original was written in sparkly purple on a black t-shirt with purple zig-zags on the sleeves. It was nifty.

And still, "Posessed by Satin (Pronunciation is important.)". Because it amuses me.

There were more, but I've forgotten.