June 15th, 2003


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Did it again, stayed up all night. Am stupid.

On the other hand, I designed a new page for the Peacemaker Rewrites. Just designed. Haven't decided on the background image yet, and in any case will have to re-install something web-authorish just to do the hotspot co-ordinates. Gods but I hate that. Isn't there some way to get hotspot co-ordinates without installing some hulking monstrosity like Dreamweaver? Harumph.

Anyway. It still looks cool. Very ancient-texty looking, and inky handwriting on all the headings. I wonder if you can over-use scrolling transparent tables. Pfft. Nah. As far as I'm concerned these are the coolest thing in the history of time. ;)

Going to go make breakfast now, unless Mum's beat me to the kitchen. What civilized human willingly rises at seven am on a Sunday morning, I ask you. *shakes head*
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