June 14th, 2003


The newest How-Stupid-Do-They-Think-We-Are commercial.

Father: "What did he steal?"

Random Police Officer: "A chocolate bar."

Father: (to child) "Where on Earth did you learn to steal? You sure didn't learn it from me."

Child: "But Dad - you steal satellite signals!"

*ominous-yet-earnest drumbeats*

That one's *almost* stupider than the one comparing satellite pirating to mugging.

Almost. But not quite.

*falls off chair laughing*
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(no subject)

Ordered my boots! Yay!

Mum's in a good mood today. I think it comes of paying the house taxes. ;)

Don't know how long it will be, as I don't know from where they'll come and it won't let me look at the order status on the website. Woe. :(

But I ordered by boots! *does a dance* And next Saturday's Harry Potter Day! *slightly more exuberant dance*
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