June 4th, 2003


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Ugh. Had to have blood test. Arm aches and feels all floopy. Was forbidden to eat since eleven last night. Damn vampires.

They took more from Faya, though. She's whiny. Claimed she was too weak to walk. Hah. >.<

Got stuck on O, Brave New World last night, ran up against a wall on chapter nine of the Peacemaker Rewrites this morning. Scared of touching To Paint the Silence 'cause there's too many damned plotlines and with the crossover monstrosity I have to do the O, Brave New World chapter first. Sigh.

Opened CvsE, tried to write, got stuck staring at the screen. Which pisses me off the most, 'cause of the three it's the only one I've got plotted out to its conclusion. Damnit, damnit. Bored and hungry. Hey! I can eat now!
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The Enterprise has been taken over by Iconia

Or some Iconian program-thingy. With the portal-thingys that went all over the galaxy. (Which are mentioned in Rising Son, I just realized. I'm dumb. ;) Thing is, LaForge doesn't think of a way to fix it until Data's own diagnostic programs fix *him*.

Wouldn't... um... rebooting the computer be one of the *first* things you'd try? 'Cause *I* would...

...hey, look! O'Brien! :D

About this Martha Stewart Indictment thing... it's apparently, and I quote: "about lying". So... I wonder if this will be a trend? Bringing legal consequences against public figures for being dishonest? *ponders that*

Ye gods. The entire Western World would collapse. ;)
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