May 26th, 2003


Geeky mental meanderings

Watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture tonight, because mik100 hadn't seen it before. We kept giggling inappropriately at previously unnoticed innuendo. Damn you, Kim! :P

But then she asked me what the next movie was about, and I seriously couldn't remember. Mostly because the whole stupid Genesis Planet thing really confuses me, as it wanders about pretending to be an important plot when it really isn't, and is shiny and distracts one from the actual plot. So anyway.

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What's next? It's bound to be a DS9 movie. Which... y'know, DS9 being my favourite, would be cool. But looking at three out of four of the Next Gen movies which kind of... um... sucked, I worry.

Not that, even if it did suck, I wouldn't go see it six times, but still. ;)
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