May 2nd, 2003


The Mouse That Roared was a *movie*?

Okay; I have to find this. I want to see this. I think it was the *only* decent play our high school ever managed, and it'd be neat to see it done with real actors.

Tonight on Space I saw an extremely cheesy movie of the Space Vampire variety - Patrick Stewart was in it. It was disturbing in a way I can't quite articulate. o.O

In other news (and this will probably be of interest only to the Pitt folk), Ms. Lauridsen is getting married. Huh. ;)

...just bought tickets for X2. Seem to have gotten the last two. *triumphant geekydance*
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I wonder... staring at a monitor for extended periods supposed to make one's eyes feel itchy and heavy? I also feel kind of dizzy and nauseous. I'm sure *that's* not supposed to happen. Mrrh. Weird. This only ever happens at school. Perhaps it's the boredom. Perhaps the monitor is filling my brain with evil, carcinogenic radiation. I've only been sitting at this particular monitor for about an hour. Urg. *shakes head* Maybe I need new glasses with an *actual* prescription. But I hate going to the eye doctor. He pokes at my eyeeesses... *cringes*

Ah, well. X-Men in *checks* six hours and nineteen minutes. Squee! :D
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