April 25th, 2003


Sooo... this "time" thing...

I have this Storyboarding project due tomorrow. The assignment was to do the character design for a list of characters we were given, for an imaginary TV show. We've done this before, and I'd already done all but colour it, so of course, I left it 'til the last minute.

Surprisingly, I finished up before midnight, went to bed, read for a while. Just as I had turned off the light and was about to fall asleep, I realized: "Crap. I missed a part, didn't I?" So I hauled out the assignment sheet and, lo and behold, I had indeed neglected to do something. Said "something" involved taking every character from the part I'd already done, putting them on a new page, setting up a structure drawing and a size chart. For every character. To their own page.

Luckily I found a way to half-ass this (at three in the morning commitment to perfection wanes, let me tell you), and finished in what I thought was less than an hour (by which time it *should* have been about two AM, which is about when I usually go to bed anyway). But what do I see when I look at the clock? That it's 5:59AM, that's what!

And of course, now, totally un-tired, and given that I'd be getting up in two hours anyway, sleep is a lost cause. Damnit. Good thing, after all, that Mum has a day off today, and needed the car, and insisted on driving me and making me take the bus home after school - well, not *good* on all counts, but I oughtn't really be driving, I suppose, 'cause although I'm not tired *now*, I certainly will be, by six or seven this evening.


Seriously - this sudden inability of mine to track, reckon, or even *note* the passage of time. Should this worry me? 'Cause I think it does. o.O

In other news, my printer's out of red ink, Mum's printer's out of green, and the third colour printer is out of everything and busted to boot. This means two things - one, that we have too many printers, and two, that ink-jet bites. Laser is the way of the future, I tell you. I would seriously sell my first-born for a colour laser printer...

...will have to print at school. Damnit.
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Interesting Vancouverites-Are-Crazy fact...

...in The Province today, there's a page where you can cut out Marcus Naslund's face. The page includes directions for glueing the face to cereal-box cardboard and then to popsicle sticks, thereby creating a Marc Naslund Head On A Stick.

I know this only because the people on Canada AM (I still maintain that they're all on crack) were waving them around and dancing around with them in front of their faces like masks, some going "Look, look! It's Marc-On-A-Stick!" Mostly the weather guy.

Yeah. And we wonder why the rest of the country thinks we're bonkers... o.O
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Reading Heinlen does strange things to your brain.

For instance, while reading The Moon is a Harsh Mistress I found myself writing - and *talking* - in Loonie. Like, skipping personal pronouns and prepositions in everyday conversation. Troubling. Maddening.

Now reading more Heinlen. Something called Friday. Just about everything of his I've read includes plural marriages galore, and much lecherous romping. Starting to wonder whether Heinlen is a sex-crazed maniac. The fun kind, but that aside. ;)

Also, now seriously bothered and honestly terrified by the notion of Quebec making a bid for global domination. o.O
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