April 11th, 2003


My sentiments exactly. ;)

Mik: "I have peace in my soul, love in my heart--"

Harley: "And coffee."

Mik: "Yes. I am happy. Are you happy, Harley?"

Harley: "Yeah, but most of my joy comes from the fact that Buffy is ending before it gets REALLY bad."

Mik: "Good enough."
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*bangs head on desk*

Okay, so instead of ending up doing nothing in ANPRO today, we're *actually* doing nothing. The teacher left an hour and a half ago, and so did most of the students. I, unfortunately, have a class at five, and I'm bored. Bored, bored, bored. Nothing to do, have checked all the sites I usually check, have stared blockedly at the Leaving Normal episode guide (and I just now realized that I missed 2030 CE last night, damnit...), and am now reduced to staring at my desktop, which is currently Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Ooh. I'll change my wallpaper, that's what I'll do. Then go beat the slot of the next 2030 CE out of that heinous purple monstrosity YTV calls a website.
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Changed wallpaper. Have forest on desktop from Princess Mononoke.

Bored again. Still half an hour 'til class.

*resumes banging head on desk*

Hey, mik100...

...I just realized why Balance of Power doesn't make sense. They talk about replicating gold-pressed latinum like the bars are solid metal. Except it's called gold-pressed latinum because latinum is a liquid metal, like mercury, which is "suspended inside worthless gold, probably because somebody got tired of making change with an eyedropper." I remember this conversation distinctly - I think it was Jadzia and Quark. It was definitely Quark.

Then again, this book was written before that was entered into canon.

Even so...
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