April 4th, 2003


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Weird weather today; there were big loomy clouds when I left the house. When I got onto the highway, it started to rain, then hail, then rain, then it lightened up, and for a moment it was just white light and shining pavement and it was like driving on a mirror under the moon. ;)

Then the sun came out, and there were rainbows under the wheels of every car. That's when I came out of the bypass and I was driving down Highway 1 between tall lines of trees, with an occasional break on either side for the hill down into the valley or for the river. Gorgeous. I love this province. ^.^

I was behind a schoolbus full of elementary school (or possibly grade eight-or-nine) kids all the way from Pitt Meadows. They kept pointing at my car and laughing. *snicker* Keep laughing, kids. I'd rather be in here than in there.

I read in Buttercup's LJ this morning that Toronto's got snow - I heard on the radio on the way to school that they've also got freezing rain, and Pearson Int'l has run out of the chemical goop they put on the wings of jets to keep the ice off them. In the exact words of the radio guy, "the airport has ground to a halt". I snicker only because Vancouver's currently 13 degrees and sunny. And rainbows. ;)

Now I've just got to get back on the road and heading home before it gets dark. It's too beautiful out to be in a stuffy little room full of computers.

In other news... I think I'll just stop looking at my websites on Macs. They always mess up my tables. >.
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