March 8th, 2003


Hee hee! Pancakes!

Intrigued by the post on Neil Gaiman's blog, this morning I am making Proper English Pancakes, which I haven't had since I was very little. It should be noted that the recipe linked off the blog works better with water rather than milk, and about an eighth of a cup more liquid should be added than is reccommended (which I guess would make it 1 1/8 of a cup). Lemon and sugar filling works better when the lemon juice is real lemon juice, by the way. Ick. And the best jam tested thus far as a filling (spread very, very thin and rolled up) is rhubarb/blackberry/rasberry. Yum. I love having a garden. :)

I find that the English pancake batter is much more versatile - I guess mostly because it's unleavened, and isn't as sweet as American pancakes. They're even good all by themselves. And ooh! I can now flip pancakes! In the air! Without a spatula! Hee. I'm so proud. :)

I made about two dozen pancakes with sweet-stuff breakfasty filling. I had so much batter left over that tonight I'm going to try making savoury ones, with creamy brocolli-cauliflower-cheese filling, and leeks if I can find any in the garden. Hm. Yummy yummy pancakes.
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Faeries in the Lower Mainland!

I went location scouting for my IDV project today. Mum and I drove up to Burnaby Mountain, to Centennial park. On top of the hill, I found this. It looks exactly like a Faery ring. I got all excited. ;)

'Course, then it started snowing. Again. Which is unnatural and *weird*. It's March, for crying out loud! March!
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