March 4th, 2003


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I apparently got a Mysterious Package in the mail. I don't know what it is, because it was apparently also a Registered Package, and when the postman was here no one answered the door. We found one of those little "Sorry you couldn't be bothered to answer the door, walk your lazy ass down to the Post Office and get it, then," tags in the mailbox. So tomorrow I go to the Post Office to retrieve my Mysterious Package. I wonder what it could be. I wasn't expecting anything. I hope it's not explosive. ;)
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My littlest sister wants to be a Guardian. I'm so proud. ;)

As in "to Mend and Defend", that is. I've got her hooked. Snicker. ;)

In other news, I've decided to utilize one of my collection of Convenient Plot Devices and explain away the stupid grammatical gender thing. Partly because I think I can use it to manipulate a really pissy character into behaving like a slightly less pissy character, but mostly because I can't be bothered to edit back through ninety-plus pages of text to edit it out.

And yay, I've now got seven chapters done, and the eighth plotted out, and the ninth half-plotted out. :)

Tomorrow I must, must, MUST go to school, I MUST give money to the Snippy Woman in the Financial Aid office, and I absolutely MUST finish my project, and the concept drawings for Storyboarding. Especially those last two.

Oh, and also go in to work to hunt down my T4 form, which the bastards still haven't sent me. Hrm. And while I'm there, visit Grampa. And take cookies. Yes. And get my glasses fixed.

Having probably no car, I do not know how all of this will be accomplished. I can do about half of it on my bike (or rather, my sister's bike, as mine's got a punctured innertube and there's another thing haven't done, but I won't do it tomorrow), and the other half on the bus, I suppose, if my car's not back from the doctor's by two or three. I must leave for school *by* three-thirty. I must. Else I'll be trapped horribly in traffic and never make it there before the Admin building closes. Damn bureaucrats. :P

I started thinking in French, and as a result I hesitated over the spelling of the word "bureaucrat". Ack. o.O