February 28th, 2003


Adventures in Parking

"I hate Burnaby" has become my parking mantra. This is what I chant when I'm making my third, fourth, and fifth sweeps of the student lots. Seven hundred students, forty-five parking spaces. Ye GODS. o.O

It seems that Katie Jackson, however, is my Parking Saviour. Twice now, I've been making a final despairing trip around the parking lot, just to see her pulling out of a space, which I then take. Yay. :)

Anyway. Class.

Rotten Apples.

For no good reason whatsoever, bits of the CvsE page refuse to show up. I don't know why, but on Macs, any white text in a table turns itself black, and as the background is also black, this renders the text invisible. I have no idea why. Maybe the bloody things have some weird I-Can't-Read-HTML-Properly glitch. Grr.

Before I forget...

I was listening to X on the way to school - they played Teenage Dirtbag. They bleeped out some words.

Now, scandalised as I was by the fact that X was censoring out words, I was somewhat more baffled by the fact that they bleeped out the word "gun", but not the word "ass".

Weiiiiiiirrrd. o.O
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