February 23rd, 2003


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It's such a gorgeous day. It's chilly and sunny and warm if you stand still, and it's windy and the air is so clear that the mountains look like they're just at the end of the street.

And now I have to go to school and spend two and a half hours in a hot, stuffy little room with no windows until it's not a nice day anymore. Sigh. :(

*mad snickering*

My Life Drawing class this morning was cancelled. I'm hearing rumours, now, that it was cancelled because the instructor was *arrested*. I mentioned this to my mother, and she pondered, then said that she seemed to remember something about an anti-war protest at Sunset Beach - something about Vancouver-area artists forming a giant, naked peace sign.

I don't know that this is actually the case, but if so... heh. Rock on, Roger. ;)
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