February 6th, 2003


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Was in Future Shop today, spied a rack of CD's that were 2 for $20 - actually, Shannon spied it. Anyway. Bought myself Great Big Sea: Up. I feel like I missed out on something during my early adolescence. This came out in '95. But I guess... I never, ever buy CD's. Which I suppose explains why I've only ever heard about a third of the songs on this CD. Ah, well. Still good now. :)

Just barely stopped myself from buying Chocolat. I was stopped mostly by the fact that I only had twenty dollars on me.

Hee; Dexcon Soundtrack music. Which reminds me, rayinmyrra! You still have my CD! Give!
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Is it just me, or is that new girl on Angel with the streaky hair and the super-high-tech-estate-hidden-in-the-seedy-underbelly the biggest canon Buffyverse Mary Sue *ever*? She's a thief, *and* she's rich, *and* she becomes spontaneously inserted and accepted by most of the canon characters, *and* she never seems to wear a whole shirt.
It's amusing. ;)
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