January 25th, 2003


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Woke up this morning, my computer was off, and there was a note from my mum: "Talk to me before you turn on your computer", propped up against the monitor.
Went upstairs, Dad tells me that the internet was all massively attacked last night, with something/someone going after routers, and that the West Coast has been affected the worst, thus far.
My Internet seems to be working fine - though perhaps this explains why I couldn't get my debit card to work last night. Apparently credit unions are being buggered, more than usual. Not too clear on how this "cyberattack" is going down, but maybe that's just because CKNW is terrifyingly unclear whenever they report anything even vaguely important.
Really wanting to back everything up, just in case - because I'm paranoid. Yes. So I must go re-install my CDRW. And... *scrolling through Friends pages* sort of surprised to see nothing of this in anyone else's LJ's. I was kind of hoping that someone else had more info than me. Oh, well. I'll check CNet.
I keep thinking of Hackers... ;)
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