December 24th, 2002


Well, everyone's finally here.

Ki and Faya got their phones. They've been dialling each other every eight seconds for the last twenty minutes. If I hear that Mozart 40 ring one more time... o.O

Auntie Lesley was late (as usual) by about an hour. As a result, it's now almost ten o'clock, and although all the relatives are now here, it's late enough that everyone's settled down. I've crept away and don't think anyone saw me. The real trick now is getting them all to leave. ;)
Kim and Marty and Shannon are gone already - this is no longer interesting. *sigh*

I wonder if I can go to sleep without anyone noticing. I want to go to sleep, so that I can wake up tomorrow morning.

Tracking Santa...
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BigKim gave me The Neverending Story on DVD. *squee*
Just watched the ending with the subtitles on.
*Still* don't know what name it is he shouts into the storm. *exasperated sigh*

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This one Christmas Eve, when I was about nine years old (making my sisters five and four, respectively) we were lying in bed (we tended to crowd into one room on Christmas Eve, or rather they tended to crowd in with me), trying to sleep, in that way you do when too excited to sleep - curled in a ball, eyes tight shut.
All of a sudden, there was a sound outside - and it took us a moment to realize that the sound was that of bells - specifically, sleigh-bells.

I don't know that it really was Santa - but none of us dared get up and look. ;)

And now, to sleep. Good night, all.
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