November 19th, 2002


Sigh. We're all doomed.

Every morning, my mother watches Canada AM (For those of you unfamiliar with it, Canada AM is a morning news program that plays at the ungodliest hours of the morning, when no one really *should* be up - which may explain why all the broadcasters are a *little* bit crazy.). I used to always miss Canada AM back when I got up at more reasonable hours, but as I now get up at six every day, it's always on by the time I drag myself into the kitchen.
While the anchors are giving you the "important" news, there's a little bar underneath the main picture, and through it runs other news items, white text on black. This morning, one of the lines read: "Liberals to decide fate of dissident MLA." I turned to Mum, and asked her about it.

Me: "Dissident? Meaning... he disagreed with them."
Mum: "Ah, well, they don't tolerate things like that, the Liberals."
Me: "What; democracy?"
Mum: *nodding sagely* "Right."

And she *works* for those people. ;)
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