October 29th, 2002


Know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to take the eighty-five dollar book the school sold us (which was available at Chapters for *sixty*-five, and isn't even the same *version* we're learning) back to the bookstore, get my money back, and use the money to buy Docs.
Noble causes, all around. ;)

So, we're designing a character...

...for our final project. Everyone did a model of a character and we scanned them all, then stuck them all on the overhead to cut-and-paste and merge the best bits into a single character.

One of Bob's (Bob the instructor) favourite things to do is to take digital pictures of people (he *always* has his camera with him), cut their faces out, and stick their faces on charicature bodies, like the one we're currently designing - a stereotype Great Big Gamer (the theme of the piece being "Games - they swallow your soul." ;).

Miranda, being ever the conscientious student, always faces front, and is always, somehow, facing Bob when he brings out the camera, seeking victims. Plus, she has such a low blush threshold... anyway. There's now Miranda's face on the Great Big Gamer body, including socks-in-sandals, hairy legs, and mullet hairdo.

Poor Miranda. But that's what you get for being awake and alert at nine in the morning.

Bob is an evil, evil man. ;)
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