October 23rd, 2002


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There's this cheesy mermaid doll, by a company I've never heard of, with colour-changing hair (fakey-blonde to fakey-pink) that sings every time it comes out of the water.

Having now heard its song six times, only on the commercial, I can say with some confidence that the doll will last roughly nine minutes in the standard family household before being trampled to bits by parents and children alike. So, so annoying...

Day off tomorrow.

More or less. Sleep in, and go in in the evening to do my SoftImage projects. I probably should have just stayed late tonight (um... yesterday night... ;), but so, so tired...

Voice in head: "Shut up and go to bed then, idiot."

Right. Bed. ;)

I am annoyed.

The textbook I ordered from this site, last week, has not arrived. The e-mail I received from them confirming the order informed me that it would arrive in three to four working days. It has now been... *checks calendar* ... six. Getting understandably anxious, I phoned their shipping department and asked where my book was. The lady on the other end (who so far as I could tell, had no idea what she was doing - it took her five minutes to find my order in their computer) told me, apologetically, that they really don't know how long it will take to reach me once it crosses the border (which it certainly ought to have done by *now*, since it's only coming from Seattle).

And I said, "If you don't know how long it's going to take, then why do you say three to four working days?!" The only response I got was a verbal shrug.

I need that stupid book. I wouldn't have spent sixty bucks on it if I *didn't* need it. *Mail* from here to Seattle takes less than they *said* the book would take to get here - and now it's taken almost twice as long! It would have been quicker to *drive* down and get it!

If they don't know how long it will take, they shouldn't *say* three to four days! And now she tells me it might not get here 'til Friday! Aghhh!

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