October 16th, 2002


Prostetots bother me. Deeply.

Like, for instance, when I was driving home from dropping off my sisters at school, and I saw a girl walking along the side of the road, and my brain went: "No no no! You are fourteen years old! You cannot wear a leather mini-miniskirt and a shirt cut three inches below your collarbone and four-inch heels! I don't care that you're skinny and pretty and think you're hot stuff! Being skinny and pretty does not make you automatically twenty-five! You are NOT twenty-five! No no no! Go put on some ratty jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt and ride your bike around or something! No no no!!!!"

*sigh* The world distresses me.
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Oh, ew.

Watching FOX news. Knew there was a reason I'd stopped doing that.

...a law that allows the US government to keep track of what library books are checked out?

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Okay, I brought it on myself. I went looking through the chapters/indigo site to see if they had the next book in the Bedlam's Bard series, and they did, but only hardcover. I want it in paperback, because I don't want to pay fourty bucks for it.

So I *cringe* went to Amazon.com, and I found it, not only in paperback, but with a "used" list twenty -seven copies long, and thinking "hmm...", I made the mistake of reading the exerpts, which cut off in the middle of a sentence.

So. Now I'm going completely insane (moreso, that is) and trying to stop myself from buying it online, because even though it's only $5.50, that's $5.50 USD, and that's a lot more than $5.50. And I shouldn't do that, because it's not technically *my* credit card and I *oughtn't* do that, becaue I'm bad that way and in any case no one's awake to ask. Also, I don't want to wait two weeks for it to get here. I'm in a Mercedes Lackey *groove* here, and I want to stay in it until I run out of books in the series.


...hmm. I find myself wondering now whether wonderful, wonderful catsclaws might have a copy, given that she's another admitted Lackey-junkie... *speculative look in Susan's direction, hint, hint...*
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    Ye gods, it's David Bowie. DAMN that commercial!

It still looks like a depressurized parrot...

Finished my Morph project - it was morphing one of my original characters into Homer Simpson. Fun, fun. Especially since they weren't even *centred*...

...most of the in-between drawings look like a depressurized parrot - like that bit in Total Recall where Arnold and the female co-star are going all buggy-eyed on the atmosphere-lacking surface of Mars.

But it's FINISHED! Bwahahah! Which is all that matters. My Softimage project is *also* finished.

And now, some things to remember tomorrow when I'm cursing my school:

1. I *wanted* to come here.
2. Only fourty-five minutes 'til lunch...
3. IVP is next! Yay messing with cameras! We shall make movies this summer!
4. Movies on Friday. Movies on Friday. Wait, maybe I should save that one for Friday...
5. You have a *good* lunch. I made it myself.
6. It's a *bad* idea to speak in the third person.
7. Never trust anyone who talks about themselves in the third person.
8. Hmm... the Photoshop teacher talks about herself in the third person...
9. There's chocolate in the front pocket. You can re-caffienate at break.
9b. And in the meantime, don't fall asleep in class. They hate that.
10. It's all right that the day is 10.5 hours long. You can make it up on Saturday, and if anyone disturbs you, you can kill them.
11. You will get the textbook for this class on Friday. Ignore the instructor. He's an idiot. You can figure it out from the textbook.
12. Yay! You don't have to come in on Saturday! :D

Okay. I'm done. 'Til later.