October 14th, 2002


Things that amuse me (in an ironic sort of way) about stupid grocery store customers.


The woman who buys $150.00 worth of organic fruits and vegetables, and then asks me to add three cartons of cigarettes (all the while shooting guilty looks over her shoulder).

The *other* woman who insists on using her own, canvas bags, but fills them with disposable styrofoam dishes and plastic cutlery.

The *last* woman, who asks me to double-bag both her milk and her TWO BAGS OF FROZEN PEAS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, and *then* stick them in her *canvas bags*, because that's "better for the environment" (?!), and then goes on to scold me about throwing receipt paper (non-recyclable) into the garbage can instead of the recycling.


Sleep now.
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Voyager retcons, how do I love thee...

So much retconning. So very much. "Yes, in fact, Tuvok *was* on the ship Sulu was captaining when they went to rescue Kirk and McCoy from K'Wo'nos (s/p?)." And "Hey! Isn't it amazing that those two Ferengi from that NextGen episode who were left in the Delta Quadrant by the Enterprise managed to meet up with Voyager!"

Apparently the laws of probability are wildly different in the Star Trek universe. ;)
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