October 13th, 2002


Stat! STAT!!

*sigh* I expected to work Thanksgiving, because... um... well, it's a stat, and everyone bails on stats. I would have had no trouble working this, though, because it's time-and-a-half, and that means I need only that shift for the week to make a reasonable amount of money.

Instead, they called me this morning, at about seven-thirty (*seven thirty*!) and asked me to come in for nine-thirty.

Now, to be fair, I rather expected them to call me today. It's a Sunday, and I've only got availability Sunday/Monday - but I was at school 'til almost midnight last night, working on a project (which still isn't finished - I was planning to go in today to finish it, to ask Miranda how to do the last bit and finish it, because I don't know how, because the evil book, in which it is probably explained, the one he told us was easy to get... isn't. It is, in fact, impossible to get. Unless you're a computer professor, I guess.), and being woken up at seven-thirty was *not* something I enjoyed. I figured they'd call me in for later, a short shift: they *never* give me eight-hour shifts! Suddenly they're giving me eight-hour shifts.

Anyway. Since I worked today, I couldn't go to school to finish my project. I suppose I could still go, but I've been working eight hours, and I'm exhausted and don't really think driving on the freeway is a *good* idea. So not only will I have to go to school tomorrow, when there will be *nobody* there, not even the labtechs who hover around to give advice, because they're all having Thanksgiving dinner (And by the way, why is everyone having dinner tonight? About half of the people who came through my till today were having dinner *tonight*. Thanksgiving is *tomorrow*. Is it just us doing it on the actual day? *shrug*), and have to basically fake it because he didn't explain that whole cube/normals thing (never mind... CGI-speak), but I'll have to turn down a time-and-a-half shift tomorrow, and they *will* call, because they *always do*, and miss out on like a hundred and twenty dollars worth of paycheck. Gah. Would have been nice. *frown*

Sigh. So tired. So very, very tired... should finish my animation project... should finish my animation project...
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Okay, I've mentioned this twice, and not actually done what I intended to do...

...which was to ask if anyone has this book, and is either willing to part with it, or knows where I can find it for less than $40 USD.

The book is XSI Illuminated: Foundations by Anthony Rossano. It is a Softimage book. The only one I can find (on Amazon, at that... >.<) is Foundations #2, and I'm not sure that's the right one, because there's two authors.


...I should check the BCIT bookstore on Tuesday, I suppose...
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