October 8th, 2002


Doot, doot

And here I am at school, on the extremely nifty computer, wasting time playing with SoftImage while we wait for the instructor to arrive. Which he/she hasn't, yet. Great way to start the first day. Or maybe she figures *we'll* all be late because we're new, so she's giving us time.


I did the Home-->School commute again this morning, this way via the Skytrain route. Either it's better or I'm just getting used to it - I'm not dead, and I actually woke up at the proper station. Good signs, I think.

Unfortunately, the only girl whose name I remember from orientation is in all the same classes as me, but different sections. So, lunchtime I get to talk to another human being. Also good. I didn't really do that yesterday. I find it intimidating that I'm being so very out-geeked. Sigh. I guess I'll adjust.

Anyway. Should go. Later.
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Doot, doot (part deux)

Back to killing time for fifteen minutes, while Bob (the instructor, whose name is *actually* Bob) tries to get the DVD player working. He's been trying since nine o'clock, but it just doesn't want to work. He's switched players twice. We're now on player no. three, or at least we will be in a minute.

Hungry... don't have a break 'til eleven-thirty. My stomach is grumbling.

Note to self: Maple Meadows-->Coquitlam Stn.-->Braid-->Brentwood-->School. This is now the route. La.

I love the skytrain.

And there's a girl who gets on my bus at Brentwood who's in all my classes, and though I've heard her name, I cannot remember it, because I cannot pronounce it. Hmm.

There's a teddy-lion reciting Shakespeare. I am amused. He has a pink flower.

Yes, in fact, I am rambling. It's the hunger. It does things to the brain.

And I'm hot. The class is hot. Probably as overcompensation for disallowing coats/bags in classrooms. But now I'm too hot. I shall have to change at break. And now I will check my email.

*rumble, rumble*
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I've had, since last post, Animation and Art History, and now I'm in Photoshop. And apparently the instructor isn't coming, so off I go. Going home to pass out. Whee!
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