October 3rd, 2002


Yay! *dance of joy*

My monitor is back from the doctor, and it's up and running again. Poor lil' Bugger has his proper eyes again.

It cost me ninety bucks for what turned out to be a melty fuse, but we won't talk about that...

...anyway, Kimry, if you would like your monitor back, you may have it. :) I also have money for you...

I hate the bus.

Actually, I hate driving. Or rather, riding. I get carsick on longish trips - usually not actually *sick*, but the achey-nauseous kind of sick. Which is almost worse because it doesn't go away quickly. As for buses, I'm usually fine on them, unless it's a long leg (like, fourty-five minutes to an hour) - then I get the achey-nausea and I'm just miserable until I get off. Usually it goes away if I just sit on something stationary for a while. The BC Translink buses are mostly horrible and bumpy, they sway and they're always musty and stuffy and too hot.

I hate driving, too, but that's another story.

On the whole I would much prefer to just take the Skytrain everywhere. That's, for the most part, smooth, and fast, and quiet, and air-conditioned. And it's nice. I like the Skytrain. They recently extended the old Expo line all the way out to Lougheed (about an hour closer), but it's still ten minutes to Coquitlam and another hour to Lougheed, both on the bus. I hate the bus.

I hate that the most trying part of my school commute is the longest part, and the part closest to home. Once I'm on the train, it's twenty minutes, max, to the station closest school. That's the easy part.

Needless to say, today was not fun. I spent a total of five hours in transit, most of it on the horrible, evil buses between Lougheed Mall and Coquitlam Station. I called Dad on the way back when I reached the station, because I was feeling achey and sick, and he'd just woken up so he said he'd be half an hour even though the trip takes ten minutes from our house, because Dad is unbelievably slow and takes twenty minutes to leave the house, ever. So, since I'd wasted my last four phone minutes on him, I had to take the bus back into Ridge, wasting an extra dollar-fifty ticket I *wouldn't* have had to spend if he'd just gotten *off* his ass and gotten me. And then, because the closest stop on that line is about five blocks from my house, I had to get out and walk some more.

By the time I got home I was achey, cranky, *and* sweaty. And the first thing Dad did when I walked in the door was ask if I'd drive my sisters to dance.


I did *not* drive my sisters to dance.

I actually am aware that I'm whining and bitching - I'll just have to get used to it again. I haven't had to commute to this extent, this often, since the middle of high school. I shall just have to get back into practice.

Though my Auntie Lesley, who works at the Telus offices pretty close to my school, has tentatively offered to drive me on weekdays. She has to check her schedule first, though. I'd still have to bus to Coquitlam Station, but that'd be fine, as it's the shortest part of the trip.

Sigh. I am *such* a sissy. ;)

We just have to get the Skytrain line extended all the way out to Coquitlam Station. If they bitch about more money at that point, I will not complain. I would be quite satisfied. Really I would.

As for the actual school day, that went all right, except for the part where the network went down right as we were leaving the orientation lecture, so I didn't get to register my network login or anything. I got my ID picture taken, though, and that's supposed to be ready Monday. I have to go back in tomorrow, to register my login and get my books and stuff. I'm going to make Dad drive me though, damnit, because I don't have to be there at a specific time tomorrow, and Mum insists I put my books on their Visa because they want the airmiles. Tomorrow the new total of Money I Owe My Parents will hit upwards of eleven hundred dollars, to be repaid in part or in full as soon as my student loans come through.

*sigh* My head hurts.

But I got my monitor back!
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