October 1st, 2002


Speaking of weird dreams...

...actually, Nadja was.

I had a weird dream last night - where the crew of the original Enterprise was transported somehow into our world (it being a dream, I didn't consider this at all out of place), and they knew they were pretend here, but at the same time someone else in our world was aware of who they were (or rather, a group of people - like a bunch of villain-types from a bunch of other fictional universes had also been transported here) and were after them. I was travelling around the country with them (no idea why, but they gave me a phaser), and for some reason everything was all post-apocalyptic and lawless and abandoned. There was a bit where we were looking in a Value Village (o.O?) for usable weapons (like phasers and tricorders, which for some reason, worked), and we were attacked by stormtroopers. Spock kept telling us to keep our phasers on stun, and I was travelling about in my stocking feet so my socks were all muddy the whole time.

I suppose this is a sign I should not be eating ice cream right before bed. ;)
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They called this morning.

Save-On, that is. Again. At *eight*. On a Tuesday. Offering me an eight-hour shift.
And I said: "I have school weekdays."
And she said (all pissy): "If you're in school you have to hand in a form, blahblah. It just makes more work for us if you don't, blahblahblahnatterbitchnatter."
And I said: "I handed in the form. READ THE FORM!"


So I went and handed in the *same* form, *again*. For the *second time*.

I mean, no, I don't have class *today*. But this time next week, I *will*. And I don't want them calling and getting pissy and putting "refused shift" on my schedule because I was at school, just because they can't get off their asses, walk across the six-by-ten foot office, and READ THE FORM that they insisted, *twice*, that I take in.

Morons. >.
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