September 22nd, 2002



Ki didn't get the Sound of Music part - at least, she didn't get an immediate callback for the speaking part. She might get called back for the choral part, but that's on the same day as her Nutcracker audition, so she'll probably skip it. I'm probably taking her to that, too, because it's a Sunday. I should find out how close is the closest Skytrain station to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Hmm.

I must also phone Translink about the Skytrain for school. And I have to drive out to school tomorrow to give them my enrollment fees and hopefully, get my schedule. There's supposed to be a Skytrain station at Brentwood Mall, which is really close to school, or at least, is a five minute bus ride away, and that would certainly be better than taking the Westcoast train, two buses, the skytrain, and another bus. Gah. Much, much better. Cheaper, too. I really don't like riding on the bus.

I've worked it out, and I'm going to be going to school for roughly the next two hundred years.

All the Lovelies...

Gods. Why does this always happen around the beginning of the school year? And I know I'll probably never finish it. But it happens every year. Right along with all the back-to-school colds. It's short story season.

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