September 21st, 2002


So, anyway...

...quasi-job interview at Nadjawork seems to have gone well. 'Twas Boston Pizza, and the manager *was* Carolina's dad, and he got all smiley and wouldn't shut up about Carolina when I mentioned I knew her. He said something about meeting for a real "thing we'll call an interview" out here, 'cause he lives in Maple Ridge - he said Tim Horton's or something. Which I think sounds like a good sign. Also, he barely glanced at my resume, which is also good, because I've never worked in a restaurant before. Yay. So I give notice when i go in to Save-on tomorrow. Because they are evil, and now shall suffer. Bwahah. No, not really. I just won't have to go there anymore. ;)

(And hopefully he won't *call* Save-On, because new Asshole Scott would say bad things about me just out of spite. Let us rememer I've still never even *met* the guy, have no idea what he looks like, blah blah. Sigh. And apparently they've called every day this week and offered me shifts which I've refused. Funny I have no memory of this - because it *never happened*. They didn't call. Nobody took the call while I was out, and it's not on my call display like it would be if they'd called and no one picked up. Not to mention that one of the days the schedule claims I refused a shift, I was home all day. No messages, no call display. NO CALLS. I can't figure out what this is. Unless someone is intentionally fucking me over. No idea. Sheesh.)

After I got back I suddenly had this horrible eye-stabbing headache. Made me all nauseous and I had to turn off all the lights. Mum mentioned the word migraine - gods I hope that's not what it was.

Ah, well. Notice tomorrow. Whee! I'm escaping from the evil empire! Apparently just in time, too, since they're letting go of a bunch of people from the other store and we're probably next. And the Boston Pizza is a franchise. No more evil empires. :)
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I walk into the kitchen this morning...

...and Mum's bent over the newspaper, all smiley and excited about something. Apparently SFU is thinking about opening a weekend/evening education program out here in Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows - I'm guessing at the mini-campus that Douglas recently abandoned in Thomas Haney. Mum sends me online to complete the survey SFU is offering about this program thingy. On her way out the door to drive Ki to basketball, she goes, "Maybe I'd even finish my degree!". This is something I've been nagging her to do for years, 'cause she's only like three credits short on her BA. So. Anyone that lives in the Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge area, go here: and complete the survey if you have even vague aspirations of post-secondary, even if you already go somewhere else. They're looking for input from people who know (somewhat) what they're talking about.

Random fic, and I blame my mother.

Driving Kiley to The Sound of Music audition at Douglas tomorrow. Hope Save-On doesn't call four minutes before I leave, because that would be bad.

My back hurts. Ow.

Must remember to get money for parking. And hopefully they won't tow me for having no student ID.

Shannon says she registered. Don't know if I actually *believe* her... o.O

Re-watched the Buffy season finale tonight. Got ideas. Baaaaad ideas.

Won't make it an Avatar crossover. *Won't.* Even though it would be so *easy*, and would fit so *well*...

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