September 6th, 2002



There were two people's birthdays yesterday - the first was my baby sister Lil's - she's now fourteen. *gasp* She's *fourteen*? My brains till thinks she's twelve. This is very unesettling.

She asked for ice cream, and as I am somewhat broke, I gave her ice cream. A big ole' tub of Breyers Cookies 'n Cream, which she loves. So. She was pleased with her gift.

The other person was Crantz, who I did *not* wish a happy birthday - so Happy Belated Birthday, Crantz.

Must make things for tea now.
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Okay, so...

...watching Voyager. Baffled about how stupid Starfleet personnel are when when they get yanked back and forth through time/space. So; should I ever get yanked back or forth through time or space, and find myself in a different time or dimension, I shall not utter the phrase: "Where am I? How did I get here?" To *any* random strangers, no matter how familiar they may appear. Doing so inevitably leads to one being clapped in restraints, and that's hardly ever good, or an expedient method of returning to one's own time/dimension.

Silly Starfleet.