August 25th, 2002


Yuck. The pain.

Okay, so... the numbers are in, and school's going to cost me about fourteen thousand dollars this year. Pro: That's about a thousand less than last year cost me. Con: It's also about six thousand more than I have.
Gah. I get two-and-a-half thousand in CST, can probably (hopefully) count on about five-and-a-half from BCSAP. Assuming the whole thing doesn't spontaneously combust in the near future, or lose my name or something.
I'd probably almost, sort've *have* at least *some* of what I'm missing (like, a thousand), if I *ever* got any shifts and if a dollar-sixty hadn't been recently been sucked out of minimum wage.
Damn, but I need a new job. I hate my job *and* it's essentially useless.
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