August 12th, 2002


I'm home, I'm alive...

...and my neck hurts like nothing else. I've also been coughing since about ten AM yesterday, EST, including all through the plane trip. The flight attendants kept offering me water, and more water, and more water, until finally I couldn't stand any more but was still coughing. Stupid sickness.

Anyway. Except for that, I'm mostly alive. And sort of starving. So I think I'll go for supper now.
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Mel Gibson, you bastard...

I convinced Mum she should go and see Signs. She started talking about the corn maze in Pitt Meadows. Then I started *remembering* Signs.
Then the dogs refused to go out in the yard, like they were freaked. Probably raccoons (they seem to be attracted to the pond), but still, you *know* I was thinking of Signs.

So I just went around the entire house locking all the deadbolts and closing all the windows. The line of thought "Aliens can't get in here, we have metal doors and vinyl siding," actually crossed my mind.

Yes. I am quite insane. It's all right. They're all used to it around here.
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