August 1st, 2002


Dexcon: T minus ten hours...

Okay... got money, got clothes (not packed, but I *will*...) got sunscreen, recharged my phone, and I'm pretty sure everything else I can imagine needing before I go. Well; I have to take a meal onto the plane, because WestJet doesn't feed you. But I've *got* that. Just got to go downtown and see Grandpa before I go.

*wanders off muttering importantly*
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"Off I am, to 'chanted land...", not really. Just Toronto. But wouldn't that be cool?

Anyway. Kiddles are both out at friends', and I'm going out to supper with my parents and my grandpa before they drive me to the airport. And then I'm off to the city that seems to wait 'til Dexcon is properly assembled before it rains down its evil, evil heat wave on us all. Bloody Ontario. ;)

See you all in about twenty hours.
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