June 30th, 2002


Keep forgetting about paychecks...

I got paid yesterday, and I forgot about it until almost seven o'clock.

Signed up for infosessions at CDIS and BCIT - though I don't know if I'll go to the BCIT one, since Mum signed me up for that one, and the CDIS one is first anyway - July 8th.

Mum went to the Highland Games today - and I totally didn't realize how late I stayed up last night - or at least, I must have, because I woke up at three-thirty this afternoon and was all shocked at myself. Mum came in, and told me she'd been to the Highland Games, and that she tried to wake me up, but she couldn't, so went without me. Ah, well. She got me presents.

Babysitting tomorrow. At least, I really hope so - in the sense that I hope Work doesn't call me so I have to give the babysitting to my sister. Simon (friend of my parents since before I was born) pays better for seven hours of babysitting than my job does for eight hours of standing at a cash register. Plus, my little pseudo-cousins Jeremy and Ollie are much nicer than grocery store customers. Much, much nicer.

And I'm helping Nadia move on Monday. And then, hopefully, going into Vancouver for Canada Day celebrations. I think Mum's going somewhere for fireworks with my sisters. I just know I'm not staying *here* again this year. Last year sucked. Suburb-dwellers are a bunch of unpatriotic cusses. I come to envy Carolyn for a brief period - she's in Ottawa, after all. Canada Day is really inconveniently scheduled, you know? Sigh. ;)

And... for some reason, I have a craving for the deep-fried mushrooms that the fish-and-chip shop in Coquitlam sells. And damnit, now I'm hungry. So I'm going to eat something, one-in-the-morning be damned.
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British Airways now has seats in business class that convert into *flat beds*.

Wish I had a reason to fly British Airways.

Or business class.