June 27th, 2002


Time has lost all meaning...

My sister had a barbecue... um... Tuesday. I think it was Tuesday, anyway. I'm not really sure why Mum keeps letting Faya have parties, when they tend to end in expensive damange of her stuff, or my stuff.

Well, since the barbecue was outdoors, it led to somewhat less damage than usual. I don't think any of her idiot friends even smoked up inside the house this time. Instead, they *showed up* baked. We had her boyfriend convinced we were in California for almost fifteen minutes.

And Shannon and I spent most of the evening after the crowds left actually *talking* to two of Faya's friends - two of the very few who exercise their brains on a semi-regular basis. Apparently it is as I/we suspected - Faya's friends don't think she's nearly as cool as she thinks she is. Her clothing came up as a topic of conversation. (as in: Ye GODS, put some ON!) Sigh. Genetics had *nothing* to do with it, I swear. I also leaned that people at my old high school still talk about us - my and my friends from high school. We have a reputation. I find it amusing. ;)

Eventually there were none left but my sister, those two friends, Shannon, and I. And then we drove out to Burnaby to fetch Nadia (who I hadn't seen in almost two weeks) and Dan (her boyfrienend). We went to Denny's. Walking back to the car, one of Faya's friends stepped on my sandal, and now it's broken. :( I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet...

After we dropped off Nadia and co. at home, it was twenty to four - and since none of us felt overly tired, we decided to stay up 'til the sun came up. So we went home, fetched tea and blanket and headed out - we meant to drive out to the booneys where we usually go to stargaze - but an hour later, we were on the far side of Mission, and still moving. By the time there was real dawn, we were on the beach at Harrison Hotsprings.

Yup. We drove to Harrison Hotsprings. I'm not really sure why, except that every time we stopped to stare at something shiny and pretty and scenic-like, we were encouraged to go just "ten minutes further" until suddenly, we were in Harrison.

I had forgotten, though, how absolutely bloody *gorgeous* this province is. Just driving out through/past Mission, up in the low mountains, with a steep drop down to the river on one side, and sheer cliff-up-to-tree-carpeted-mountain on the other, there were at least a dozen views you tend to only see on postcards. So next week, we're going to steal Shannon's parents' camcorder, and we're going to drive out the same way - twelve hours one way, twelve hours back. And it's a digital camera, so there'll be pictures. And I'm going to copy the tape and send it to Carolyn, and Keltie, and boast.

We got home about ten AM the next day, I took a shower, laid down to nap for an hour, and didn't wake 'til Mum woke me at six. So. ;)

Kimry; I haven't seen you in a week. Visit. me. Please?

That reminds me... must call CDIS and talk to someone...

Must pay my StFX bills so they'll give me my BLOODY TRANSCRIPTS. Must fill out student loan papers. So many forms...

I'm pissed at the RIAA, and anyone else who's responsible for me being unable to download the song Gonzo sings in The Muppet Movie. I have it stuck in my head. Bastards.

Which reminds me - when did the Muppets start prostituting themselves for Denny's?

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