June 21st, 2002


I Hate Computers (part... anyone else lost count?) and other tales...

So... after the most recent escapade with the "hidden partition" and restoring my computer to factory defaults, I had about a week of incident-free operation.

Until about five days ago - that's when the monitor took to shutting itself off at random intervals, without explanation, and switching itself back on just as randomly. We thought at first that this was because the DPMS on the monitor (Digital Power Saving whatsimmy) was incompatible with the ATI TV card that's also installed in the computer. So we shut off the DPMS.

No effect. Immediately afterward, it did it again. I found quickly that shutting off the monitor for about an hour at a time would cause it to function properly again on next boot. At least, this worked at first, although it was extremely inconvenient, having to shut down for an hour at a time.

Then even this stopped working. Today, the monitor crapped out around one PM, and despite several long intervals and attempted boots, refused to function. At about nine-thirty, I gave up on the thrice-damned thing as dead and broken and substituted one of our spares for it. I'm now looking at the Internet through a fifteen-incher. I know this may not seem so terrible to some of you who also have monitors this size - but my *good* one, my monitor which is only slightly more than a year old, is a seventeen-inch. Needless to say, I am somewhat miffed. Tomorrow, we will take the newer monitor to Radio Shack to see if anything can be done - assuming the warrantee is even still any good.


Among other cheerful notes, I've misplaced my new discman, SFU has refused to substitute my AP grade for my first-year English mark, so my average isn't high enough for their second year (at least not without repeating courses), Save-On is trying to yank my RTO for Dexcon, and my yearly hayfever run has now progressed past the point of claw-them-out-of-the-sockets itchy eyes and into the stage where I alternate between severely runny nose and the inability to breathe through said appendage. I hate hayfever. I blame my mother. >.<

As actual good news, I finally got my paycheck sorted out, and am currently $248.25 richer than I was yesterday. For now, anyway.

Still must re-apply for student loans... and figure out what in hell I'm doing in September. Soon. And stop shouting at the car radio when that SFU commercial comes on.
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Dad: "This monitor is insane crap."
Me: "You'll have to be more specific."
Dad: The speakers are wired *through* the monitor. They have to go through..." *pointing* "Here. See?"
Me: "So... without this monitor, I have no sound."
Dad: "Yup."
Me: "I hate computers."
Dad: *deadpan* "I *loathe* computers. And they loathe us. Never forget that."
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