June 8th, 2002


Yeah, so I have a virus...

...so if anyone has received any email from me in the last week or so, it would be best to delete it without opening.

I hate computers.

Damned if I know how I even *got* the damn thing, but as it turns out, it's the kind that requires me to reformat my harddrive in order to eradicate it. Never mind that I have a Packard Bell that didn't come with any of the distribution disks.

Also hate Packard Bell.

Damnit. And I can't even do it until tomorrow - because we have to go in to Radio Shack and ask how the hell they expect us to do this without distribution disks, or risk losing a whole great chunk of pre-installed software, not the least of which is my DVD player.


Going to go bang my head repeatedly against a wall now. Later.
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