June 7th, 2002


Fic can be dangerous.

I'm starting to realize that I write my original characters better when I'm shamelessly dumping them into fic than I do when they're in their own stories. Shame on me.

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Rissa let it slip tonight in chat that she'd never read Nineteen Eighty-Four. Thus, I shall lend her my copy. Because I think everyone should read it. Because it's an important (or rather, helpful) factor to understanding people, and government, and religion, and just about everything else, and I think Orwell must have been a really interesting man. Probably the type of guy who screams random obscenities at pedestrians from a speeding automobile just to snicker at their reactions.

And because I think that if one lives in any country that is self-proclaimed as a democracy, one's thought process as it relates to the world at large cannot truly be complete *without* reading it.

Heh. Orwellian is an adjective.

Wait. That's scary. o.O
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