May 26th, 2002


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Applied for a job... er... day-before-yesterday. At the Save-On where Shannon works. Think I'll live to regret it. :(

These Biore nose strip things? They work. Little sister keeps ripping them off, then running into my room, tears streaming down her face (because apparently they're about as painless as leg waxing... o.O), and showing me the little strip. One word. Ewww...

Finished the book(s) Kimry lent me - now nothing to read. Sigh.

Rambling pointlessly. Hmm.

Ooh. Monty Python. :)
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You may now dance.

Because there's a new song up on my music page. Can also be directly accessed here. Enjoy. :)

And... yes, I actually *can* hit that high note, and did in every recording previous, it's just that this was the tenth/eleventh take, and I was getting damned tired of repeating... over, and over, and over... o.O
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