May 22nd, 2002



So; the current provincial government has been regularly issuing random upheavals in my life since it was elected. 'Bout a year now.

Today, I realized that it's actually sort of buggered all I expected to be doing ten years down the road. See, I was *going* to be a teacher, probably high school, probably history, but now... well, teachers have been getting royally screwed since the beginning of time... but *now*...
Let's just say... does not look good for me as a teacher. And my other half-dozen career options (we'll call them *options* simply because "things I think I'd really like to do if I ever actually set my mind to anything, ever" doesn't sound nearly as good) all require stuff being done in high school that I didn't do. Or something. Also, my marks for first year are not so much in the "fantastic" range. And I feel monumentally stupid for my mark in English - it was below seventy... let's just leave it at that - enough that I'm thinking I *won't* go see my AP English teacher from high school and ramble companionably as I had tentatively planned. Fortunately, the English mark is not so important - since I can still use the AP mark at SFU, as a full first-year credit, which I couldn't at X, because their English chair was a rampaging incompetent. *glare*

I didn't fail anything (at least, I don't *think* I did... *crosses fingers*) *exactly* - but they're not great marks. And while I knew they weren't going to be great marks, this does not make me so much happy. :(

And Mum's on my tail to get a job. Because she thinks I should have one - and she's probably right. I *need* a job. But let's just say that this whole hare-off-to-Japan thing is looking more and more attractive as time goes on. Where they'll take anyone fluent and pay all expenses, not to mention paying you thirty-something-grand US for your trouble. Yee.

Went to see dragonfly13's new kitties today. Her cat had kitties, so there are five. Two black, two dusty-tabby sorts, and one big, fat marmalade one that is *such* a mama's boy. ;) He kept mewling annoyedly every time anyone picked him up, and then looking really regretful when his mam came over and grabbed him by the head, dragged him back to the box, and started cleaning him very thoroughly with a sort of "shut up, already", vibe to it. Poor thing. ;) Kimry's thinking of getting one, or two of the males.

Shannon wants to go see Spidey. Think I will.

Damned future. Damned adulthood. Can't make me! >:P
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