May 18th, 2002


And oh, gods...

...Dyce pointed out in her most recent post that some ass online recently ran a petition to get the name of the second LoTR movie changed, because the idiot thought it was a reference to the WTC. This from the same species that spawned people who managed to live at least eighteen years in the Western world and not know that THEY'RE BOOKS. And that THERE'S THREE OF THEM. (Sorry. That conversation will haunt me until my dying days. o.O)

I remembered thinking about how inanely far this "be sensitive" was getting, and how much too much over the line it has started to go, and now it's just occurred to me how often in the next twenty years or so people are going to be spotting "clear references to you-know-what" in literature that pre-dates it by a good several decades, getting all outraged and then going "Oh, right, they *couldn't* have been... but it should be out of stores anyway!"

I mean, sensitivity, okay... but censorship spearheaded by such "prime specimens of human stupidity" (as quoted from Dyce's post)...

And there's that line again. The one that says: "If you're fucking with Tolkien, you have gone TOO FAR."

...Gyah. It simply does not bode well. o.O
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