May 4th, 2002


Home, home, rejoice, I'm HOME!!

Yup, that's right. Got home forty-five minutes ago, at 8:15 PST. Just got my puter set up, am quasi-settled, and have new quilts on my bed! :D Mummy is wonderful.
Now, shall shower and nap. Anyone 'round home who wants to see me can bloody well come here. *sweet smile*
Ah. Home. Green. This is the colour the world is *supposed* to be...
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Fun with roadsigns...

Going through New York state...

"Oh, look. This is a Aggressive Driver High Risk Area."

"Hmm. Buckle up. Save a life."

"Whose life, I wonder?"

"Probably that aggressive driver."


Also, discussions, in western Alberta.

"Danger, Elk Crossing. Does that mean the elk stand at the side of the road and watch the cars go by?"

"Yeah. There's probably signs in the woods all the way up to the road. "Danger, car crossing. Exercise caution." But in elkese."


"Yes. Elkese. The language of the elk."


And finally, what I think was the most interesting speech of the trip, which came in the last six hours, hearing my dad describe a dream he'd had in the previous six.

"I had this dream where I was on a farm, and I had to help the farmer milk the cow - and the cow kept outsmarting me. Her name was Bessie. And then you woke me up, and I was in Revelstoke - where I don't think anyone can outsmart you."

Then he went back to singing the Lumberjack Song, over and over, specifically the verse abou girlies, in honour of our return to the trees. Snicker.
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