April 21st, 2002


The Dad Chronicles

Two days after today, Dad arrives. Yay. :)

Got an exam tomorrow; CeltCiv, for which I haven't at all studied. Probably should. Sigh.
Tuesday, the day Dad arrives, and after I'm done Gaelic, my last exam, we leave.

Just two more exams to go. La la la, la la la...
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Taking refuge in Search for Spock...

I just have to say... no matter how many times one sees it, seeing the Enterprise - *any* Enterprise - blown up is always slightly jarring. But kinda fun. Especially if one is raised on TNG and knows there's going to be two or three *more* Enterprises, "there's plenty of other letters in the Alphabet" and all...
Yes. I'm a geek. Born and raised. Wanna make something of it? ;)
*sulks back to her corner to forget about X-Files*
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Reasons to miss DeForest Kelley...

The old Star Trek movies, and lines like "it seems, Admiral, that I've got all his marbles." *snicker*

And dear god, Kirk is wearing a Floppy Shirt. How the *hell* did I ever miss that? *gawk*

Okay, I'm stopping now. Promise. ;)