April 15th, 2002


Musical Interlude - again! ;)

Paul came over this afternoon, and we finally did a passable recording of Watching Me Sleep. It's now up on the Unofficial Music By Me Page on Crystal Shades. Go. Listen. Enjoy. And pat my ego. ;) (And while you're at it, Paul's. His email is linked off the song. I really do mean, at some point, to make him put his songs online, even if I have to build him a page myself.)
Anyway. What are you waiting for?
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It's funny, really. My Winamp playlist currently consists of Paul's music, mine, and the Monty Python Cast doing The Sperm Song.

Kimry's threatening me with a captive singalong when I get back. Me, captive. And possibly Lil, 'cause she knows most of my songs by heart, being the first person I usually run things by.

And I got an email that made me feel all warm and squishy inside - just what I needed when I felt I was about to die from exams. Whee. :)

Well, it's nice to know she *likes* it. ;)

Back to slow death now, though. Sigh.
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Ah! My eyes! My eyes!

No; kidding. It's just that I just added dianahobart to my friends list, and it made me think of her Blinding Pants. Also known as the Puke Pants.
And within the theme, I chose the two most horribly contrasting colours I could for her. Anyway. Nadia has an LJ now. It's good. :)
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    Me, me, and I'm not narcissistic at all, oh, no... ;)