April 14th, 2002


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Hey; look at this... I'm re-writing the first long story I ever wrote. The first installment in what started to become a threatened epic. But now, the main character is believably introduced, and her adopted parents now are developing personalities, rather than being shallowly-defined accessories to her adventure and self-discovery. Whee.
And... um... I haven't figured out how to properly introduce her best friend. But it's going fairly well.

No, the fact that I'm supposed to be studying instead doesn't bother me at all. :P
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Upsetting the premise...

It first struck me when I first read the Chronicles of Narnia. I was very young. But I knew it then, how much I hated that thing some writers do - especially in stories where the hero leaves his boring, normal, miserable life to go to another world or experience some wonderful adventure in a place that they love dearly. I hate that thing where at the end, they go back to their old, boring lives as if the adventure never happened. Maybe I always hated because, at the end of the day, I don't think I'd *want* to go back, for the story to end.
So I started thinking - what if there was such an adventure, one where the hero went home at the end of the day, but finds that he *can't* re-adjust to reality and normality, and finds that he changed so much in the other place that he doesn't fit in anymore?
Hence, Aaron Scott. And co-writing with kimry. Looking forward to it. I anticipate a *lot* of late crazy nights. And caffeine. And Poccy. Among other things.
Yee. Ten days. :)
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