April 11th, 2002


And as for the last day of classes...

...do you know what we did last night? We (Carolyn, Keltie, I) played the X-Files drinking game. I have the first season on DVD (thanks to my aunt, Lise's mum, who is now also hooked... ;), and we played with various drinks. Carolyn, in her first alcoholic purchase, selected Jack Daniels. Well, we tried to warn her... but apparently neither the words "80-proof" or "sour mash" managed to get through to her.

I had Mudslides. Yay, Mudslides. Yay, Mudslides in cutesy little four-packs (they have snowboarders on them now? o.O). Yay.
And no, I didn't get drunk, beyond a bit of hyperness and mild floatiness. It seems I'm not capable of true drunkenness. I'm not sure whether that's good, or bad. ;)
Carolyn didn't get too sloshy either - about which she was bitterly disappointed. She said she felt cheated, drinking all that stomach-cleaner and not getting the good part out of it. She got a bit giggly, is all. Poor Carolyn. ;)

We only got through six episodes, from Pilot to Shadows, but Keltie is now completely hooked. I don't think we'll be able to get through the rest of the season now, not enough time. I really want to track down a copy of the One Breath arc (from Duane Barrie to One Breath) so we can all watch it together, because those are my favourite eps. Don't know if we'll be able to, but we'll try our damndest. But all else aside, it was a wondrous thing (as always) to witness the birth of a new fangirly obsession. A beautiful thing.
It's a girl. 117 pounds, age 21. *snicker*

Now she'll *have* to visit me from Whitehorse this summer (she's certainly going to visit when she's at U of A next year, and that will give me excuses to visit her back, and visit other AB people at the same time), just so we can all obsess together. And Christa has every episode on tape. Twice. That girl is *thorough*. :D

I have $55.56 left in my bank account. And I'm about to go spend about $21.99 more on something purely frivolous. For the express purpose of having bought something in this bloody little town that *doesn't* suck. Hah. (But, oh, oh, the HST, how I despise it.) The something is a shirt. So there. :P

I must find some way to spend the remaining $66.90 on my declining balance before the end of the year. Somehow, despite being as completely irresponsible with my only quasi-existent campus debit thing as I know how to be, there remains nearly half of what was there at the beginning of the year. And I can't buy anything useful or transportable with it, because it's the Non Tax type, and apparently first years can't transfer the balance to Tax - mostly because it would prevent them from buying anything *useful* at the end of the year, things like water and *food*, things required for the gruelling trek across the ENTIRE COUNTRY some of us have to make to get home. Sigh. Maybe I'll just buy a lot of cakes. That might work.

Alas, the box of Kimry-goodies has not arrived. I hope she sent it. A box of goodies will do wonderfully for exams. But only so much if they arrive before I'm gone. *pitiful sigh*

I'm proud to say that I ate all healthy foods yesterday. My menu for the entire day consisted of: peanut butter and melba toast (mmm, melba toast), lots of water, grapes, later on some soup and crackers (vegetable soup) and of course, frequent tea. Healthy food. Go me.

Well. I have lots to do today, most of it involving walking around outside, which is *lovely* right now, 10 degrees *above* the mark of death and sunny, to boot! I have to walk places. And buy things. But first, I'm going to take a shower, and give Keltie time to finish whatever it was she was finishing.

No, I've not slept yet. Can you tell? :) But I had *breakfast* and everything! I hardly ever do that! ;)
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