April 9th, 2002


Things to get done before the end of the year...

Before Tuesday:
1. Study Gaelic enough to pass the oral by skin of teeth. Cry.
2. Finish re-reading Frankenstein (damn you, Mary Shelley! And just for good measure, damn P.B. Shelley too!)
3. Go over my notes for Paradise Lost. Again. Then burn them.
4. Go over some Wordsworth.
5. Go back in time and beat Wordsworth about the head and shoulders with his own shoes.
6. Use Sparknotes to re-acquaint myself with King Lear. Again.
7. Visit Sparknotes for all the other stuff I've just not gotten around to reading this term.

For Next Friday:
8. Do as much of the Sociology reading as possible.
9. Do as much of the PoliSci reading as possible.
10. Cry some more. Possibly get drunk. Or as is more likely, watch others get drunk and laugh at them. (Ooh! X-Files drinking game! ;)

For the following Monday:
11. Read bits of The Mabinogi. Gods, I'm lazy.
12. Re-read all the Irish Myths I haven't absorbed yet.
13. Find some way to learn by osmosis.

And that Tuesday:
14. Study Gaelic again. Cry. Perhaps fail exam. Perhaps not.
15. Wish belatedly that I *had* figured out how to learn by osmosis.
16. Finish packing. Wait for Dad. Subject him to campus food.
17. Blow this pop stand. ;)

Ugh. Tired of school.
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In other news...

...going to the post office has become the only positive focus in my life. Sigh.
Though I went today, and there was nothing for me except a piece of yellow paper telling me that if I didn't clean my fridge before I gave it back to them, they'd charge me for it. As if it was clean when I got it. Uck.
And... no Kimry-package. Sigh. :(
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Tuesday, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...

Fire alarm went off at ten after eight this morning. That's 8:10 AM. I didn't have class 'til 10:15. This, therefore, sucked.
Stood outside with the rest of the residence for, oh, fifteen minutes before they got the damned thing shut off. After that, I couldn't go back to sleep, and because I was awake, I was hungry, and... no food. Rotten town. No grocery stores open after twelve. Barbarian wasteland. Bah.
So. Stole english muffins from the dining hall last night, ate one of those. Promptly following, felt sick. Fun, fun, fun.
Went to class. Carolyn didn't show up, and so sitting next to me was this enormous guy who... uck... really needed to shower. Couldn't edge away, because I was on the end of the row.
Carolyn sucks. Left a note on her door telling her so, then went back to my room to sit around for half an hour before my next class.
Had another class. Went to it. Afterward, I checked the mail. Nothing. Sigh.
Got back to my room, called Carolyn, because we had to do Gaelic homework, but she'd disappeared, because she still sucked. No time for Gaelic homework. Went to English. Still hate Wordsworth. Bastard.
And to make it worse, I really had to pee, the whole hour-and-fifteen-minutes. Argh.
Came back to my room. Called Carolyn again. Currently engaged in rushing through the homework and drinking tea. Hate Gaelic, but this is the last class. Must keep reminding myself of this.
And now it's 3:41, and we're about to be late. Later.
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(no subject)

After Gaelic we decided to try making it back to Gilmora through Imaculata and Marguerite. It resulted in a minor adventure.

Mount St. Bernard consists of four buildings. The oldest is Gilmora, my residence. Gil is well over a hundred years old, built of sandstone and complete with a turret. Nifty. Attached to it are Marguerite and Camden, and to Marg and Camden, Imaculata is connected. Gil, Marg, Camden, Imaculata. Four buildings. They're arranged in a horseshoe shape around a great big, flagstone-paved, circular central courtyard, in the centre of which is, rather predictably, a statue of Mary. Big creepy white statue. Brr. Don't want to be walking past that thing at night, especially when it's stormy and you don't see it until you're right up close. Brr.

There's a connecting tunnel underneath all four buildings. You can't get between Imaculata and Marg/Camden above-ground, because one was built before the other, (or something), and you can only get between Marg and Gilmora on the first floor, or by a different underground tunnel, going through the boiler room, that we're not supposed to use/know about.

But there's a tunnel that connects all four. There's a whole network of tunnels, and another level underneath those, from the last world war, when this was a shelter. But they're all sealed off now, or at least they think they are. Can't remember why, though I'm sure there's a reason.

I know some people travel between Marg and Imaculata during bad weather instead of going outside to get there, because Imaculata has classrooms and offices on the top floor. We decided today to find our way back to Gil via this quasi-mythical tunnel. But the whole complex is full of twisty corridors and spiralling staircases and corridors that go nowhere. Creepy. We wandered the whole of Imaculata below-ground and encountered no one. And at some point we stumbled into a great cavernous theatre - hardwood stage, terraced seating, inlaid wall-panels - and we didn't even know there *was* a theatre in the Mount.

We sort of got lost in the tunnels, too. It was kind of eerie. And we kept hearing whispery noises that made Carolyn jump. (Okay, I jumped too. Hee.)

We never did find our way back to Gil, even into Marg. But that theatre has some real potential. We're planning on doing something incredibly childish tonight, and sneaking back into Imaculata to have a Midnight Picnic.

Hee. I'm feeling adventerous.

Anyway. Supper.
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