March 25th, 2002


New plan.

Mark: 3:52AM
My analytical left brain makes determination that there is no way in hell the paper's going to be done for morning, and even if it was, it wouldn't matter, 'cause it was three days late to begin with, but it's now amost six.
Mark: 3:53AM
My entire brain makes a derisive noise in the general direction of the paper as a whole.

(...and this is where the brain shuts down higher reasoning for the night and puts me to sleep...)

"*frown* LoTR shoulda gotten more awards... *muttermutter*"

Sleep. Sleep sounds like a *good* plan...
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Damn right, I'm a fangirl!

At least where LoTR is concerned. For as long as I can remember. And proud of it. :D
They got the important award, and that was Best Score. No contest.
Anyway... about the McKellan-related award, I'm less peeved about it now. Maybe it would have bothered me less if the guy that *got* the award in that category had been someone I'd even *heard* of, from a movie I recognized.
Whenever a previously-unheard-of something-or-other sweeps the award out from under something I was rooting for, I wonder... is it just that I don't get out enough (which given where I am, is entirely possible), or am I right and do large portions of Hollywood currently suck?