March 24th, 2002


That's One!!

LoTR won for Best Makeup. Whee. I just called Carolyn and just yelled "THAT'S ONE!" before hanging up. Hee.
And yes, I will continue to be making squealy entries for every segment I watch that awards something I liked/loved/went to seven times...


Anyway. Pizza. Later
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What the HELL?!!

Black Hawk Down won best sound? Over Lord of the Rings?
I mean, I can give some of the other awards to other movies, but there was absolutely no bloody contest. Did they even SEE that movie?
This isn't RIGHT, damnit!


Well, I don't know what the hell was up with Ian McKellan not getting... whatever that category was... especially when I'd never even *heard of* the movie that the guy who did win it was in... Harumph. Ian McKellan *should* have gotten it. Damnit.

But Arthur Hiller was cool - got the humanitarian award-thing. Said the words: "It's so embarassing to get an award for doing what you *should* be doing..."

Cool. :)


LoTR got Best Musical Score.

*dances in Tolkien-fangirly glee*

That's really the one I was waiting for. I think I can less despise the other movies that take awards away from LoTR now.
A little. ;)