March 17th, 2002


It's so depressing.

Some religious people are so religious that they're completely without faith.
It's sad.
I should not talk about the social implications of modern-day funeral rites at six AM. I should definitely not.
Tired. Sleep.
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Parting "shot"

An interesting find at the only used book store in town... an enormous tome (approx. 600 pages, dated 1929), a Harvard textbook in fact, titled "Witchcraft in Old and New England".
Good grief.
Perhaps you can tell what prejudices I've formed about this book. Perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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My own road trip

My dad is driving out to fetch me at the end of the school year... I'm done classes and exams on the 23rd. That means we'll be out of Nova Scotia by that Thursday; I think we're only spending a day on the Cape. I *think* we're going through Halifax (I'm certainly going to *try* and convince them we should, because I want to meet Jerry this time if it's possible), and I know we're going through Montreal and then into Ontario.
I know we're going through Toronto. I think we're spending a couple of days there. My parents have a friend my dad wants to visit with. *looks in the direction of Dex, JB, and other Toronto-dwelling creatures* Will you lot be available for the purposes of entertaining me around that time? ;) We could go out to dinner or something of the kind, even pub-like forms of entertainment since I'm all wonderfully legal now. ^.^
And after Ontario, I plan on sleeping the fourteen hours across the prairies. They're free to do all the driving themselves. I don't mind. ;)
I'm also going to insist on stopping in Edmonton. I'm *going* to see the #reboot folks therabouts. I *am*. Just so you people know.
Erg. Work.
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