March 14th, 2002


*pathetic whining*

I'm sick.I hate being sick. Being sick is no fun when I'm out in the barbarian wasteland of semi-rural Nova Scotia and not at home where my Mum can bring me soup. I could still get soup, if I were home. I want to be at home where I get brought soup. And tea.
I almost miss high school, where sick was a holiday, and got you out of working for the day. Here all it gets me is the fact that I can't get to sleep because I can't get comfortable, because I think I have a fever and the window being open, for once, is *not* making the room cold. And all food tastes like sandpaper. And I get to miss class, but it puts be behind in all of them for a week. This adulthood thing SUCKS.
*plods back to bed, where there's nothing to read because I've read everything I have...*
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The Legend of Rah and the Muggles...

...or: The crazy woman with no writing skills.

Okay. That's a *little* harsh. A *little*.

Every time I read this thing it seems worse. But I've figured it out.

It's like Chrysalids fanfiction. Written by a newbie.
Oh, gods. Kirilla flashbacks. *gag*